Saturday, October 15, 2011

Kid Friendly Fall Decorating

Connor and I have been doing some fall decorating around our home!

First he helped me create this wreath. By help I mean hand me the colors when I asked for them... hehe! All you need to do is make felt roses, and then hot glue them to a Styrofoam wreath!

We also took some leftover white fabric I had laying around, and made some ghosts to hang in our tree outside! To do this we crunched newspaper into balls, and wrapped the balls into grocery bags (incase it rains). After that we tied some ribbon, and made glitter eyes!

Connor thought it was so cool that we were hanging them in the trees! Now that they are there he loves to look at them through the window!

Then to decorate the front door I mixed white tempra paint with a little dish soap, and then dipped both Connor & Logans feet in it! I held them up and put their little feet upside down all over the door to make ghosts!! I love how they look, and we've gotten so many compliments on how they look!

What are some ways you include the kids in decorating for fall/ Halloween? I love to hear some more ideas!!!

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