Monday, October 17, 2011

I have been eying these number/ shape beanbags on amazon for a while. I loved the idea of all the games I could play with my boys to incorporate some important math concepts, while having some good fun physical play!!

Every time the budget would allow for me to squeeze in some fun toys for the boys I would find something else to buy, and always skipped the beanbags. So, I whipped some up myself! They arent perfect, but you know my motto-- its the process not the product!

We have already been having so much fun with them! We take turns throwing them at each other. I will give directions such as, "Throw me the square." Then Connor will ask the same, "Mommy, throw me the circle." We also practice the numbers on them, and count them! I figured I'd make more as his skills advance some, but for now 5 works for us! :D

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