Monday, October 10, 2011

Menu/ Meal Planing

I hate dinner time.
Okay, so I don't like to use the word hate. SOOO I'll try again.
I hate dislike dinnertime making dinner.

I grew up rarely having very processed foods. My mom always cooked for us every night. Sure we had an occasional "frozen dinner," but it was very rare-- and usually a special treat. Maybe Im just not used to the taste of them now, but I think many frozen already prepared dinners are disgusting, and I try to provide my family with a more 'fresh' approach. However, its hard. We stay busy all day playing and doing projects, and before I know it.. dinner time is an hour away. I always scramble to think, "What's for dinner?" I feel like I can never think of anything.. I feel like we never have any food.. and then I just get stressed.

I finally had to figure out some kind of solution to cheer my dinner time blues. I love the idea of cooking for my family every evening, and I LOVE having all of us sitting down to eat. (Mom if your reading this I guess I should say thanks for that!) So I came up with a 'menu' solution.

I used things we already had laying around the house! Clothespins, scrapbook paper, hot glue, and a bulletin board! It has clothespins for every day of the week, and a pocket to hold our favorite menu items. On Sundays I decide what we are going to eat, and make a list for those ingredients. I think since I am a very visual person, this helps a lot! I no longer have to think "what are we having for dinner?" I just glance at our menu and start cooking!! Plus I am saving tons on groceries!

I'd love to know your ideas, or ways you manage to get dinner on the table every night?! Especially with a baby! Anything that can help dinnertime go smoother in our house is worth a try!

** I am getting ready to open an esty shop to sell some family/ kid friendly creations! This is something I was considering putting up! If you are interested in one, they will sell for $15usd. It will include everything shown, with laminated pockets, and blank white heavy duty card stock to write meal ideas down! if you are interested.


  1. It's a great idea, I use this method too but I also factor in lunch as my hubby can usually take the leftovers to work the next day. It is great with the shopping too isn't it - makes things so much easier.
    AND, because I have never heard of Sloppy Joes before.. what are they??

  2. My hubby usually takes leftovers too! This method is working really well for us.. I wish I thought of it sooner! I use this recipe for sloppy joes, but instead of using ground beef, we use ground turkey!

  3. I hate frozen dinners as well. Not to mention most of them include wheat flour which my daughter is allergic to. I would love for you to stop by and link up to More the Merrier Monday. It is open through Wednesday so you have plenty of time to link up.

  4. This is so genius! And adorable besides. I am in love with this project oh so much!


  5. did u open a shop??? i'd love this in blue/white!!