Creating a home classroom / playroom

There are so many great classrooms/ playroom that people create in their homes for mainly homeschooling purposes. Here are some examples, they are just too cute!!

However, after having a devoted classroom area in our home I decided it wasn't for us. As much fun as it was to have a classroom space, I realized that the little boy I babysit, and my own son did not like to just play in that room. They wanted to take the toys everywhere. Especially to the living room where the majority of our time was spent-- living. So, after deciding to turn the classroom back into a dinning room, I spent time creating a kid friendly learning environment throughout the whole house. This solution worked better for us, and allowed us to have a more "homey" setting, while still learning.

If you decide to have a devoted playroom/ classroom, or to just create an environment for learning there are a few things to keep in mind!

---> Print Rich Environment: Read this !!!

---> Have lots of materials for hands on learning! Blocks, dramatic play area, art materials, sensory play, etc.

---> Books, Books, Books!! And a cozy area to read them!! Research shows that when books are at children's level, and displayed with the cover facing them.. they are more excited to read!

---> Get the kids involved! Research also shows that kids learn best in areas they feel significant in.. so get them involved! Hang their artwork, let them pick out paint colors, baskets, toys, decorations etc.

---> Variety & Change! just like adults.. kids get bored too! Don't display every toy you own! Keep them stored away, and change them out often! This will help keep their interest, and allow them to spend more time exploring the different materials! (Plus its a cheaper way to keep the "newness" of an old toy)!

---> Control Noise!! Don't put super noisy toys/ the TV near an area where you are encouraging reading... especially if you have multiple children! Use lots of rugs and carpet to absorb sounds

---> Center areas If your child attends a preschool program then they are exposed to these learning centers/ toys. However, since mine are not I feel obligated to provide these types of learning centers/ toys at home so they can gain the same experience as many of their peers are! They include..

----------------------- Here are some shots of our Play Space------------------------