Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Schedules & Routines

I have been approached quite a few times with questions from my friends about how to get their children on a schedule of some sort. Connor has always pretty much been on one, since he was 6wks old. This is when I went back to school, and to make things easier on my husband who was home I would post a schedule! As Connor's age, sleeping & eating habits, and interests changed so did our schedule! When he was about a year old I made this for him:

Recently another friend asked me some scheduling questions and this was part of my response:

Schedules or at least a routine is important-- for everyone. It's a way of life. Kids benefit from them. It has been proven that children behave better when they know when to expect something, and what is to be expected of them. Here is an piece from a textbook—“ Routines involve repetition. Repetition involves predictability. Predictability involves stability. Stability involves security. Kids crave routines because routines make kids feel safe and secure. On a very basic level (keeping in mind that is how young children function) routines reassure children that their needs will be met. Routines also provide opportunities for children to experience success in what they are doing, which then promotes self-control and self-esteem.”

I personally like to call it a “schedule” and hang it up in our house one on the frige for me.. and one on the kids level! I feel that by teaching them to follow a schedule teaches them a very important life skill. We use schedules at work, school, etc. When making one it’s not so much important of the order things come in, its more so what works best for you—and your boys. The key is it’s suppose to improve everyone’s day, and take away stress. So you shouldn’t feel like your rushing or more stress because you feel like you didn’t do something that you wrote down!

Flexibility is also an important life skill. So it’s okay to change things some days—and to go out and have a “break” from the schedule. I feel that since Connor has always followed a schedule, he feels very emotionally secure and stable. So it makes outings so easy… He loves them. He has learned that I will always meet his needs, and he shouldn’t stress. However, I notice if we have too many in one week he starts not getting as much sleep, and doesn’t eat as much (from stress) so I only allow for a couple of breaks from the schedule, and try to schedule outings around feeding & sleeping times.

I think she found it helpful, so just wanted to share it with whoever reads this :D

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  1. Yes, I believe I found it to be very helpful! :D