Monday, August 15, 2011

Building a town

So for the past two weeks my little cousins (ages 11 & 13) stayed with us. Today their mom came back to pick them up, and she brought their younger brother who was 5 along for the ride. She was busy packing, and getting everyone's stuff together with hopes to be on the road shortly, and all (5) kids were a bit out of control. I eventually told everyone we had to go outside before I lost my marbles. (they were all yelling, fighting, tattling, etc etc). Once outside they were walking around aimlessly saying they were board.. nothing to do.. you know how it goes. So I grabbed some chalk, and toy cars and decided we were going to create a town, and a track. It ended up being tons of fun, and EVERYONE got involved. The older ones loved drawing everything, and thinking what the town needed to survive (gas station, food, hospital, entertainment, etc, and the little ones loved having a 'house' and driving their cars on the roads. It killed a lot of time, and kept everyone very busy!

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