Thursday, August 11, 2011

A camping we will go..

This entire week we did a mini indoor camping unit! There are a lot of activities you could do for camping, and it's one that I really enjoy!

Since we still don't have a dining room table we used that room as our camp site. I attached two sheets together using safety pins, and hung it from the ceiling to create our tent! (Even my 13 year old cousin enjoyed this unit!)

I made a fire from tissue paper and toilet paper rolls. Although you can use anything!

We used real sticks to 'roast' marshmallows!

Our campsite was complete with a 'fishing hole' which was tons of fun!

No camping trip is complete without some supplies.. so we had to get crafty!

(Our binoculars and lantern!)

And one of the most favored projects... SMORES! Since I wasn't going to create a real fire for us to roast everything on, we wrapped them up in aluminum foil, and put them outside before nap! A few hours later they were a gooey and yummy mess!
Another alternative is you can make smore trail mix! Simply mix chocolate chips, mini marshmallows, and honey grahams cereal and mix! (A much cleaner version!)

We read a few camping stories in our tent, brought out some flashlights to play with, talked about shadows, we acted out the "We're going on a bear hunt" song, and "a camping we will go." One day Connor didn't nap and I found a few barney clips talking about camping on youtube so we watched those!

Of course I labeled everything in our camp site to promote some print awareness :)

This unit is fun because it can be watered down, or spruced up so much for different ages!

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