Sunday, November 13, 2011

Ruler Growth Chart

--> Check out my etsy shop if you would like to purchase vinyl decals to make your own ruler! I have been looking at different growth charts for a while online. I wanted one that could be moved around in case we move. I saw something similar on pintrest, and I was inspired. However, I used my silhouette machine to cut the lines and numbers out of black vinyl. This seemed easier to me then painting lines. Which that is an option as well.

Here's a mini step by step..

1) I went and bought a board and stain from home depot. It's 6 feet tall.
2) I stained it, then immediately wiped it off with a rag. I then let it dry. Then repeated this process to give it an antique look.
3) When it was really dry I took out a yard stick. I wanted it to be 6 inches from the ground, so I marked 6 inches on the bottom with a pencil, then marked the one foot line. I did this all the way up. All the little lines are an inch apart.

((this picture was taken before I hung it, but you can see how I started it with only 6 inches on the bottom. Then when I hung it, I made sure it was another 6 inches from the ground so that the one foot was accurate))

4) I decided to do every 2 lines a little longer, similar to a real ruler.
5) This was pretty tedious, and I made all the marks in pencil. I also double checked it a couple of times, because I found that I screwed it up.
6) Once I was certain of my measurements I counted how many small and medium lines I needed. Then got cutting.
7) I stuck them all on!
8) Then sprayed it with some clear finish!

I LOVE how it turned out!! I am so glad I went this route, instead of buying one!


  1. I pinned this and shared it on fb! Super cute!! My friend and I are going to try to make one next month. Any tips?? Thanks so much for sharing this is ADORABLE!!

  2. Aw Thanks! My tip would be to take your time!! I found myself over counting sometimes, or making extra lines! So double check! Good luck! Id love to see pics of how yours turns out! :D

  3. I need to make one of these for my grad baby who is arriving in October!
    Thanks for the Tutorial!