Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Fall Leaf Counting

I love fall! I love the leaves changing, and all the colors. I love the temperatures, and the smells. I love fall festivals, pumpkins, and everything in between. The first half of November I like to focus on fall, and all the changes going on.

This morning we read some books about fall leaves, and the changes! Then I whipped up some leaves on my silhouette machine. I then set up an invitation for boys to come create some fall trees using glue! I put their names on them so we could talk about the letters that make up their names, and work on name recognition.

I also had some numbers and a counting area set up! I was hoping it would trigger them to ask some questions, and want some assistance in counting!

It worked! We made some cute trees, counted leaves, talked about colors, different types of leaves, etc. Overall, I say it was a successful project! :D

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