Monday, October 31, 2011

Halloween at Miss Amy's House

This would be our third year celebrating Halloween as parents. Though our oldest is still shy of 2.5 years, and he doesn't fully understand the concept or really know what candy is. However, that soon changed after we went Trick or Treating.

The Friday before Halloween we went to a party at my cousin's neighbor's house. We made a pumpkin fruit tray with grapes and cantaloupes. I wish I took more pictures of the party because it was all kid orientated. She had different stations for the kids set up such as cookie decorating and crafts.

We also had a Halloween party with the local MOMS Club we are involved in. I was in charge of bringing a 'main dish' to the party. So Connor and I made 'Mummy Pizzas.' They were just English muffins, sauce, mozzarella cheese (cut into strips, not shredded), and black olives for the eyes.

My boys were dressed as a farmer and cow. I think they looked pretty cute (but I am bias!) A special thanks goes out to my wonderful cousin Samantha who made it possible to trick or treat. My husband had to work. So Samantha and I dragged the boys for a few hours, and got lots of candy!

Around the house we didn't do many Halloween crafts. I didn't get too into it because they are still kind of young. Plus, let's face it-- lots of Halloween stuff is scary! I like to focus more on the season change, and beautiful colors of fall instead!

We have really been enjoying the book Five Little Pumpkins. So with my amazing silhouette machine I made some pieces to go with it. I will glue some felt to the back, to use on our future felt board!

Well, that's all for Halloween this year!! As the boys get older we will get more into it! :D

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