Monday, August 22, 2011

Transportation Sorting

We have been working on classifying and sorting objects recently. Since we have been doing some transportation themed activities, and since that is what keeps Connor the most interested we decided to sort his airplanes, cars, trucks, etc. Basically what I did was made a pile of all these toys, made some labels that had the word with a simple drawing, then lined it up. I would hold up a toy and say "Oh Connor, what is this mommy is holding?" He would tell me, and I which say "Which sign says ____" he would "read" the picture, and then put the toy in the right area. It was a lot of fun. When we were done we counted each column. If he were a bit older I would have added on a bit by making this setup more like a graph, and we would have had a lesson on reading graphs. I would also have used where you find these types of transportation instead. For example, "in the sky, on the ground, and in the water." Would have required some more thinking to sort the objects. However, it was very age appropriate, and kept us busy for now! This can be done with any type of toy. Sort things by color, where you find it, size, type, etc. All are important concepts children should be introduced to.

One of my favorite parts of this activity was that I laminated our signs after wards, and put them in his basket where these toys are kept. Now I see him taking the signs, "reading" them, and matching the toy to the sign. What great practice! Makes me smile knowing he really did learn something from this :D

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