Monday, August 29, 2011

Huricane Irene

For the past week everywhere we went we heard about "the hurricane." Being from Florida I wasn't too worried about potential damage since it wasn't that strong of a storm.

I wanted to find a way to prepare Connor for it, in case it woke him at all during the night, etc. (When in reality I am the one that woke him, and had him sleep in bed with us!)

We talked about the storm, looked at the pictures and videos they were showing on the news, etc. Then I told him we are suppose to be getting A LOT of rain. So I decided we will measure it. I took a glass jar I had, and made inch lines with a permanent marker. Then we put it outside. Connor was excited when I showed him what we collected. He kept just calling it "water" which it was.. but I don't think he exactly put the concept that it was the rain we heard all day/ night to it. Either way it made for a fun conversation about measuring, numbers, and rain! :D

We only got two inches (which is probably a good thing!). We used the rain water to water a plant.

We suffered more from wind damage!! Yikes!

Two days after the storm we walked down the road to the playground. I actually completely forgot about the storm, and the playground was cover in sticks and leaves from the trees. Connor brought some funny looking thing to me that I wasnt sure what it was, but we called them "tree balls." We started collecting a bunch, then we decided to collect the sticks with "no leaves" and we made piles! It was great to practice sorting/ classifying/ counting objects. Plus it was fun!!

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