Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Polar Expres Party

I have always adored the story The Polar Express. I love how it tells the story of Christmas magic, and believing! Back in the day when I taught preschool, having a day dedicated to this story was always so much fun, and a big hit for all the kids! So, for our MOMS club, I decided to host a Polar Express Holiday Party!

All the kids wore their pajamas, and looking back at some pictures I seem to be one of the only adults who wore mine! hehe When everyone walked in they were handed a golden ticket!

A table was setup for the kids--

I baked some sugar cookies earlier that day, and in the little bowls were sprinkles, marshmallows, different colored icing, etc. Everyone decorated a couple of cookies, and we also had hot chocolate! YUM! Although, it was a little too hot, and by the time it cooled down enough for the kids they were over it! :D

In the living room Connor and I made a train from cardboard boxes. It looked cute, and was fun! However only lasted a ten minutes until it became many other things!

All the kids played, the MOMS chatted, and the movie was on in the background!

We also had a book exchange. Which I didn't get any pictures of. Everyone brought a wrapped book. I had a paper train cut out with numbers on them, and taped on of the cars to each book. I then had each kid draw a number, and that was the book they got to take home!

~* Happy Holidays Everyone!! *~

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