Thursday, September 1, 2011

Ice Bricks

Connor has been very into building things lately. Blocks have become more then just stacking and knocking down. He really explores them now, and uses his imagination. He loves to build "briges" (bridges), and push his cars and trains under. He also builds train tracks, and houses.

So I decided to try to make some 'ice bricks' to build with. I filled a cupcake tin and a snack tray up with water and food coloring. I put foam letters in them (assuming they would freeze in the middle of the ice... however they floated so didnt go as planned). This is how they turned out...

We then built with them. I also gave the boys a hammer to break them, and get the letters out. Both boys were naming colors and letters. We were also comparing the different sizes. We had so many great conversations from these!

((look how engaged!!))

After a while Connor pointed out that his hands were turning colors, and kept calling it paint. Then I said great idea. We did paint with ice before, and decided to do it again!

We all had a lot of fun with this project (however, I havent found one that didn't bring smiles). The boys were really into it, and it lasted a good while! I want to try this one again when Logan is a bit older! This could be something real young ones could do as well!

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