Friday, October 22, 2010

Homemade playdoh

Since Connor and the other kids I have this week are young ones, I wanted to make my own play-doh in case they wanted a "taste." I found this recipe online, and decided to give it a try! I used orange food coloring since it seems like an appropriate color for October :D The website I found it from is called They have some great ideas! I will definitely be trying a few more!

The taste is very salty! I wouldn't to eat it! It was very easy to make, and the kids enjoyed playing with it. I found some old wooden letters I had laying around, and we used them to stick into the play-doh!

Great for learning colors, letter recognition, creative play and fine motor skills. Play-doh is great for a lot of things! I remember one time having a conversation with another teacher. I always kept play-doh in my art center, she kept them in her manipulative center. Both are great places to keep play-doh! It is also used by therapists in therapy. Especially occupational therapy to strengthen fine motor skills. It is also relaxing to just move the dough around in your hands! Gotta love play-doh!

Cream of Tarter Playdough Recipe

2 cups of plain flour
2 cups of coloured water
1 Tbsp. of cooking oil
1 tsp. cream of tartar
1 cup of salt

Place all of the ingredients in a medium size or large pan. Cook slowly on medium-high and stir it until the playdough thickens. Keeps best in the fridge in plastic containers. This is simular to the traditional playdough recipe.

This recipe takes less than 10 minutes.

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