Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Bath Time... in the dark!?

We do bathtime every other evening before bed. Connor loves bath time and always had.. He loves it even more ever since he got Yookidoo Flow 'N' Fill Spout

It recycles the bath water so its like the water is always on! He loves it. Logan loves bath time too. I think the water soothes him, and he loves to watch Connor play, and dump water on him. However, sometimes I get kind of bored during bath time. Especially, since they can both sit there for a good half hour enjoying the water. So I decided to switch it up the other night. We have a Cloud b Twilight Constellation Night Light, Turtle which btw is also another one of my favorite toys. We use it as a night light.. and it automatically shuts off in 30 minutes or so. You can change the colors from green, blue, and brown. It has real constellations too, so when the boys are older we will look for them. For now, its just very relaxing.

I decided to bring him in the bathroom, and they took a bath in the dark. Logan hasnt seen the turtle on yet, and he loved it too! Connor thought it was so funny that the lights were off! We had a good time! I think it helped everyone relax more before bed as well because everyone slept great that night!

You could also use a disco ball, lamps with different color light bulbs, black lights, etc. I think we are going to bring some glow sticks into the bath soon!

Stay tuned for that :D

We did try the glow sticks, and they were so much fun too! I bought a bunch of 100 8" Premium Lumistick Glow Stick Bracelets Assorted off of amazon.

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