Friday, May 6, 2011

New Playhouse

I have been going back and forth with what kind of play equipment I want in the backyard. We have been considering getting something for Connor's big brother gift/ his birthday that is coming up. I want something that will last a while, and provide the boys with something to do when I send them outdoors to play.

We looked at big playgrounds. They have a wide price range from affordable to a bit much. However, we don't have THAT much room in our backyard for a huge over the top thing anyways. However, most of the basic ones were kind of boring. A couple swings, a slide, and maybe a few extras. I kept thinking back to my childhood. My dad built us an awesome playhouse set complete with a sandbox, monkey bars, slide, swings, and a fire pole! It was awesome. However, what I remembered most was the playhouse. We had sleepovers in there. We would pretend to be so many different things. I even remember bringing my baby dolls up there to play.

Then I made up my mind. I wanted something to foster imaginary play. I wanted a place the boys can pretend and use their imagination. A place to call "theirs." Plus.. we have two playgrounds within very very close walking distance to us that has swings, slides, the basics. So, we have plenty of opportunity to work on all those gross motor skills. So my playhouse search began.

After hours of browsing the web, looking at plans to build our own, ones at the market, etc. My husband found this one that was sitting in an old playground stores lot.

We went to go see it and check it out. It was a bit weathered looking, but in great shape! I got really excited about it, and if the price was right then thats what I wanted! I called them up, and negotiated a bit with the salesperson. I ended up getting it for a great price with delivery and all!

When it came I had them put it in the garage. I wanted to repaint and decorate it. Plus I didnt want Connor to see it yet! Here are some pictures after I got done with it!

Connor has a bunch of plastic tools in our backyard. I created this "work bench" to store his tools, and he can pretend to build things. I have some great ideas of things I want to add next summer when he's a little older. I figured I could also get some small chairs, and this can work as a table too!

It has a working doorbell, and everything! Todd put big cylinder blocks down on the ground, and a piece of plywood under it to keep it off the ground so it wont whether as badly. The paint I used on it will apparently help keep it waterproof as well! He loves it! Like I said, I have a few more things I want to do to it, but will wait until next year! I am very happy with this choice, and I can see lots of memories being made here!

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