Thursday, March 24, 2011

Picky Eatting

My always hungry, super fat, lover of all baby has gone to becoming a picky toddler. As a baby I breastfed him. I learned that breastfeeding helps children be more open minded to different foods. He loved everything as a baby. I could give him a plate of strawberries, and they would be gone within seconds. I never gave him junk food, it was always fresh and organic. I thought I did things right, and I would never have a picky eater.

Now I find myself up late at night researching ways to get him to eat more healthy stuff. It seems like im starving him. Some days he will eat sooo much fruit, the next day he will hate it. After getting stressed, worried, and then stressed again. I found the following information to be most helpful.

-it's a normal part of development
- nearly all kids go through phases like this
- look at all the food groups over a week instead of a day. dont be afraid if one day they dont get any fruit (etc). As long they are getting some from each food group/ color over a weeks time they should be good.
- offer healthy choices
- they are in control of eating. We can only control whats offered, they chose to eat it or not.
- they wont starve

This has made me feel some what better. I have made meals a bit more creative. Using cookie cutters, etc. I give him foods I KNOW he will eat for breakfast/ lunch so if he refuses dinner, its okay. For snacks I lay out this nibble tray by Dr. Sears and just keep it at his level for a few hours. He will come and go, taking a piece or two. I love it!

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